Alia Bhatt's Viral Reaction To The Paparazzi Calling Her Aalooji

Alia Bhatt was in such a mood at a GQ event held in Mumbai last night. The actress walked the red carpet and she did it in style. As Alia Bhatt posed for the lensmen at the event, a paparazzo referred to her as «Aaloo ji,» to which Alia replied, «Ye kya naya shuru hogya hai Aaloo ji .» Later, Alia was asked how her daughter Raha was doing, to which Alia replied with a thumbs up and a bright grin. The paparazzi also complimented the actress on her look. «Nice look,» she was told by a pap. Read Also: Young Israeli woman Shani Gabay, who went missing after October 7 Hamas attack, found dead

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