Young Israeli woman Shani Gabay, who went missing after October 7 Hamas attack, found dead

Shani Gabay, the 26-year-old Israeli woman missing since the October 7 Hamas attack, was found dead on November 22. Shani worked at a Kibbutz Re’im music festival, where Hamas launched a brutal attack, resulting in at least 260 deaths and numerous abductions. Shani was initially presumed to be a hostage before her tragic death, and there were efforts to negotiate a deal between Hamas and Israel.

A tentative deal between Hamas and Israel could lead to the release of hostages, including Americans, with a five-day ceasefire condition for Israel. Details on when the ceasefire begins remain unclear, and its extension is possible if Hamas releases more than the initially agreed 50 hostages. Americans, including a three-year-old named Abigail, are expected to be among those released in the potential deal. Coshorts

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