World's Largest Iceberg, About The Size Of Dubai, Moves After 30 Years

The world’s largest iceberg, A-23a, which is about the size of Dubai, has finally begun to move after being stuck on the ocean floor for over 30 years. The iceberg broke off from the Antarctic coastline in 1986 and had been grounded in the Weddell Sea. However, it has now broken free and is drifting towards warmer waters. The iceberg has an area of 4,000 square kilometers, which is close to that of the emirate of Dubai. The iceberg was first spotted moving in 2020. The iceberg is less vulnerable to fragmenting than other icebergs because it is grounded on the sea floor. The record for the largest iceberg changes hands frequently as new icebergs calve off the Antarctic continent and break into smaller pieces. The former record holder was A76, which detached from the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea in May 2021 but has since fragmented into three pieces. The new record holder is A-23a. By Coshorts

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