Nasa warns, a 'perfect storm' is expected hit Earth tomorrow

The sun is experiencing a surge of activity, with many sunspots appearing on its surface and releasing hot plasma into space. A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a huge cloud of plasma that is ejected from the sun at high speeds. One of these CMEs may be on a collision course with Earth, and could reach our planet by late November 25. This will cause a geomagnetic storm, which is a disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere by the solar plasma. The strongest storms are very rare: for every 11-year solar cycle, there may be 1700 G1 storms, 100 G4 storms, and only 4 G5 storms. One of the effects of a geomagnetic storm is the enhancement of the aurora, which is the colorful display of lights in the sky near the poles. By Coshorts