Meet 25-year-old Spanish AI model earning 9 lakh per month; check details
Aitana Lopez is a 25-year-old Spanish AI model

Aitana Lopez, a 25-year-old AI-generated Spanish model, crafted by designer Rubén Cruz and his agency The Clueless, has garnered significant popularity on Instagram with 141,000 followers. The pink-haired AI model, described as a gamer, fitness enthusiast, and cosplay lover, earns an impressive €10,000 monthly, approximately Rs 9 lakh. On average, she generates €3,000 monthly. Aitana’s success underscores the growing influence of AI in the digital realm, with her unique persona and curated content resonating with a substantial online audience. This phenomenon raises questions about the evolving landscape of virtual influencers and their potential impact on traditional models in the realm of social media and digital marketing. By Coshorts

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