Man Spits 'Golgappa' Water In Partner's Mouth, Internet Wants To Unsee It

In the viral video, a couple is eating golgappa together in a public place. The man drinks the golgappa water and then spits it into his partner’s mouth. This act has been met with widespread disgust and condemnation from netizens. The video opens to show the couple standing in front of a street vendor selling golgappe or pani puri. Moments later, after consuming two pieces of street food, the man is seen drinking the golgappa water and gushing that drink into his partner’s mouth. The video surfaced on social media on Thursday and since then it has accumulated more than 417,000 views. In the comment section, users condemned the act and called it absolutely disgusting. Some netizens even pointed out the disgusted look on the street vendor’s face. Meanwhile, this is not the first time such videos have surfaced on social media. Earlier, a couple went viral for similar antics in the Delhi Metro. The two were engaged in an intimate act while traveling on the train. As per the video, a woman sipped from a soft drink and then transferred the liquid from her mouth to the mouth of her male companion. Several people on social media were angered by the same and expressed their strong disapproval of the video. By Coshorts

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