FEBE Ventures launches $75 million second fund
Image Credits: DrPixel (opens in a new window)/ Getty Images

FEBE Ventures has launched its second fund with a target of $75 million. The fund will invest in pre-seed and seed-stage companies across different geographies and sectors. FEBE Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs. The firm has backed more than 35 companies, including Locad, Zenyum, Tindle, Silverbird and Manatal. FEBE Ventures’ new partner Tekton Ventures is the San Francisco-based tech investment arm of Partech founder Vincent Worms’ family office. The partnership will enable FEBE Ventures and Tekton Ventures to share their networks in Southeast Asia, Silicon Valley, Latin America, and Europe. FEBE Ventures and Tekton Ventures decided to work together because both have global investment theses. FEBE Ventures’ collaboration with Otium Capital is based on shared human values and an entrepreneurial mindset. By Coshorts

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