Bigg Boss 17 Vicky Jain’s mom labelled as a vamp after her video go viral before entering Salman Khan’s show

Vicky Jain’s mother faces backlash for criticizing Ankita Lokhande, blaming her for family disputes, and portraying her as a typical Saas. In a viral video, Ankita’s mother-in-law talks to the media, expressing happiness about her son and daughter-in-law’s positive behavior. She plans to address matters inside the house. Netizens criticize the mother for blaming Ankita and accuse her of traditional Saas behavior. The controversy arises as Vicky Jain’s mother accuses Ankita of not accommodating them in her house. The video captures the mother-in-law’s anticipation of entering the house and addressing the ongoing issues internally. The situation has sparked public debate about family dynamics and relationships. By Coshorts

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